A piece in The Conversation: 'Yes, Muslims are portrayed negatively in American media'

A short piece underscoring the negativity of media coverage of Muslims and the cross-national nature of this pattern

By Erik Bleich in book contents

May 27, 2022

The Conversation is a website featuring news articles about academic research findings.

We worked with the excellent Kalpana Jin (@kalpanajain) as editor to produce a short piece for The Conversation focusing on two important take-away messages from the book: 1) Coverage of Muslims is much more negative than that of other religious groups, and 2) This pattern holds across English-speaking countries in the Global North (i.e. it is not U.S.-specific).

To read the piece, click on the image below.

The piece was taken up and republished by a range of outlets in different countries. Below are a few examples:

Times of Israel

Al-Ahram Online (Egypt)

Lacrosse (WI) Tribune

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May 27, 2022
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